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Why Choose Us?

At Ready Real Estate, we’re making it our mission to help the people of Fort Worth and the surrounding area to buy and sell their homes with ease. Whether you’re a first time buyer or you’ve been through the process in the past, we are here to provide you with a proven system for finding the right home as well as marketing a home for sale and getting top dollar.

Our goal is to ensure that no matter the situation, you have someone to partner with when it comes to real estate. We know that buying or selling a home can be a tricky thing to navigate, but the good news is that we’ll be there to walk you through it every single step of the way.

From starting the process to signing the papers at closing, our team is here to make sure that you have someone you can turn to for guidance throughout the process and long after. We strive to be the absolute best source on your real estate journey.

Start Right

From the beginning, I'll work to understand the goals and motivations for selling that you have and the timeline that you need to meet.

Taking what I've learned from Residential Appraising and applying it, I will analyze your home's uniqe characteristics, upgrades, amenities and locations to determine a list price recommendation.

with written documentation of your home's value and sales price estimate and more.

Prepare To List

I will show you how we will position your house on the market with our comprehensive marketing program.

I will be your guide in the make-ready process to get you top dollar in as little time as possible.

I will bring in experts as needed to ensure that your home has the maximum visual appeal when we display it to a world-wide audience.

I will put together a detailed MLS listing with supporting documents that highlights your home and takes advantage of every viewing.

Maneuver the Sale

Once everything is ready to go, we will create and qualify interest to present only truly qualified offers for your consideration.

Walk you through the different components of an offer and compare multiple offers to empower you to make well-informed decisions regarding how you respond and when to respond to offers.

during negotiations, through inspections to closing and beyond I will advocate for your interests above everything else.

I will handle any arrangements necessary to help you close whether you are in Dallas-Fort Worth or across the globe on vacation.

I'll tie up loose ends and ensure that everything goes smoothly when the time comes to close and fund.

After the Sale

 After closing, I will celebrate alongside of you!

I'll work with you afterwards to make sure that your best interests are protected.

 Our team will also keep an archive of your records and documents in case you need them later on.

Start Right

with an in-depth interview we go past bedrooms and bathrooms to learn why you are buying. Learning your timeline, lifestyle and goals.


with help finding interim housing options, i.e. short-term rentals.

with a wealth of resources to increase your knowledge of the area, neighborhoods, points of interest, things to do, schools, and culture.

with a tour of Fort Worth and surrounding areas, we will expand your knowledge of the area based on your interests and requests.

Find the Right Home

turn your needs and desires into an MLS search that is custom to you for the most relevant and current results..

with property listing updates via email ASAP, daily, weekly, or as often as you want.

with a personalized portal on the web for you to tag favorites, share with friends and family, and make notes to inform your buying decision.

save time through a smartly-planned tour of the homes you want to see.

Maneuver the Purchase

with connections to reliable industry partners to help with financing, home inspections, title research and legal questions.

with me guiding you through property viewings to help blend your budget, goals, and tastes.

with homes of interest, we will analyze value in the market to help you determine the best strategy for making an offer.

I will work hard for you when it's time to negotiate for your home and coordinate every piece of the process for buying the home of your dreams.

I will work diligently to make sure every I is dotted and T is crossed and represent you during the closing and funding process.

After Closing

I will keep in touch throughout your home ownership and provide free consultation and insight on your home value, potential renovations, and whether or not its time to right-size or move up.

I will provide help with tax appraisal evaluations (yearly) and resources for protesting when it makes sense.

I will deliver timely reminders and occasional tips to save money and/or increase the value of your home.

I will assist your relocation with referrals to my trusted network of third party vendors including handymen, movers, painters, lawn care, home design consultants, etc.

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