Already looking to purchase a new construction home? Or maybe you are on the fence about new versus existing. I have written a blog on the benefits of new construction if you want to learn more, but on top of all the other incentives and benefits of new construction, you can now receive an additional 1-2% cashback, through my Cashback on New Construction Purchases!

Get Cashback on your New Construction Purchase! I have formed relationships with multiple builders allowing me to offer 1% to 2% cash back at closing on New Construction homes on top of the regular builder incentives. All New Construction homes will get at least 1% cash back, but I can give more for many builders. For a list of participating builders and current cashback amounts, please contact me!

Reasons to go New Construction:

  • The Caleb Mills Cash Back Program (up to 2% cashback!)
  • Modern Layouts
  • Multiple options of similar homes in a given neighborhood
  • Cheaper Energy bills due to Energy Efficiency
  • Less maintenance
  • No wear and tear
  • Cheaper Homeowner’s insurance
  • Lender Financial incentives